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Access funded support for Manchester business growth

How can Manchester businesses access funded support to grow their business?

A fully funded Executive Leadership coaching programme for the business owner

LinQs since June 2016 have been delivering the latest government support available to the small to medium sized business owners in Greater Manchester.  The support provides a a fully funded Executive Leadership Programme with 18 hours free bespoke coaching for business owners. Its a great opportunity to continue the valuable work which has enabled business owners and their leadership teams to work on their business and improve their profits as you can see in our success stories for our work with clients on a recent business support funded initiative.

What makes coaching business owners a success?

With entrepreneurs and business owners of small businesses recognised as the driving force behind successful businesses, it has been proved that committing the time to work on the business with an outcomes focused coaching programme increases their business profits and growth prospects.

By listening and coaching the owner of the business to plan their vision for the future growth into a written strategic plan with an action plan to deliver key projects drives that vision forward. To design and deliver the key projects any business needs a strong leadership team and facilitating the key management involvement in the planning process is valuable to the strategic leadership. Through open dialogue across the leadership team concerns and obstacles can be explored and identified by the coach.  When additional resources are required within the plans then access to further support is quickly identified with the coach with links to support to enable the plan to progress. Both the coach and their programme advisors have access to a wide range of professional support and contacts. For example, finance, IT and processes often need exploring and the coach will work through this with the business owners.  In addition, in monitoring the plans with the leadership team delivering the projects shares the owners workload and deliver the key drivers of the strategic plan.  Identifying key problems and keeping the future growth plan on track.

The Greater Manchester Programme

This programme is specific to Greater Manchester postcodes and offers the fully funded Executive Leadership Programme providing eligible small business owners in Greater Manchester 18 hours of leadership development coaching from experienced business growth and leadership coaches. The programme is delivered in the business or as a group at a local venue over a series of 3 to 6 hour coaching sessions.  The Business Growth Hub for Greater Manchester is leading the funding project and working with experienced partners to deliver the programme until March 2018.  As mentioned, LinQs is approved to deliver the coaching but as with all government projects, funding is limited and a range of company criteria has to be met to for businesses to qualify for this programme.  The coaching partners work closely with business owners and the Business Growth Hub to identify and approve qualifying companies. All this can be achieved within days, dependant upon diaries for meetings, and to enable the coaching programme to begin without delay.

Gill Bailey of LinQs has worked as a Leadership and Business Growth Coach successfully delivering plans with clients since 2011 and as an Associate for Winning Pitch a major partner in the delivery of this programme for the Business Growth Hub.  Gill is already working with businesses on the programme due to complete in January 2017 and will be working with businesses for the funding in 2017.  For a confidential discussion on this and LinQs current funded support opportunities you can contact Gill here.