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Build Your Team for the Big Game

Build your team for the big game

Today our England team will be the focus for the people of England. It’s a big game for England and so we hope the team work comes together. As they go on to compete against another team whose goal is to win too.  That’s the game and we will be wishing and praying that England win today.

There is a lot of talk in the media about the unique skills of individual star players. But it will be the ability of all the team to enable them to ‘star’ today. The team including their stars will be led by a focused captain and manager. But rather like business it’s the strategy, the planning and leading the team to achieve your goals.

That’s why I enjoy business coaching. Helping business owners and senior managers create their business strategy, their plan, and lead their team to achieve their goals.  It’s what makes our level 7 strategic leadership programme and business coaching package a success.

Oh and before I end. Come on England!

Gill Bailey

Author, Presenter, Business & Leadership Coach