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Shaping an organisation’s culture and values

Developing an organisation’s culture and values

When managers and their business owners select units for level 7 Strategic Leadership course, Shape Organisational Culture and Values is a popular choice.  As most of our clients are in the service sector and even after years of being established service providers they strive to improve.  Recognising that at the heart of their improvement is their employee relations and customer service.  Which is impacted by their organisation’s culture and values.  Some of the managers have actually undertaken the unit of the award in a previous operational management qualification.  But want to lead changes for their organisation during their strategic leadership development.

Key areas for reflecting competency in shaping culture and values

To develop and execute this unit of competency and understanding the manager will need to focus on these key areas, which I will simplify:

  • Their communication strategy and practice
  • Their approach to change management
  • The potential for friction between the organisation and the individual’s culture and values
  • The SWOT of the culture including sub-cultures of their organisation
  • The areas of the culture developed
  • Other organisations approach to culture and values and examples developed in their own organisation

Learning from other organisations

Here I would like to share a quote from Simon Sinek, Author and motivational speaker, which states how culture is organisations is not the same as the product we believe we are purchasing:

‘Starbucks was founded around the experience and the environment of their stores. Starbucks was about a space with comfortable chairs, lots of power outlets, tables and desks at which we could work and the option to spend as much time in their stores as we wanted without any pressure to buy. The coffee was incidental.’

I like to throw these types of examples of famous businesses into our coaching and get the manager to look at other organisations. It’s important to get the managers to be aware, motivated and creative in their approach to their analysis and strategic plans for their own organisation.

Evidence of a strategy

So to meet the level 7 award unit criteria the manager then needs to provide evidence of how they have:

  1. Developed a vision, strategy and structures for influencing organisational culture and values
  2. Used leadership, interpersonal and communication skills and tools to influence organisational culture and values positively

I’ve seen this work presented in a number of different ways.  Firstly, within their Strategic Business Plan, where they first developed a strategy and plan. As from the outset to align culture and values was a goal with defined objectives to deliver their business strategy.  This often results in the developing their Workforce and Recruitment strategy. Also developing their branding and their Marketing Strategy. All of this supported by evidence of communications.  From consulting with colleagues, employees and customers using the range of analysis tools we provide. But most importantly reflected in their well-led improved quality audit standards.  Building and leading their continuous improvement strategy resulting in higher sales and profits.  Proving that once you start developing your culture and values it affects and improves all areas of your organisation.

This has been a reflection on coaching managers to achieve our ilm level 7 NVQ Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.  If you would like to know more about this award and how our coaching influences change you can talk to us on our Free Discovery Call or just email for further information.

Build Your Team for the Big Game

Build your team for the big game

Today our England team will be the focus for the people of England. It’s a big game for England and so we hope the team work comes together. As they go on to compete against another team whose goal is to win too.  That’s the game and we will be wishing and praying that England win today.

There is a lot of talk in the media about the unique skills of individual star players. But it will be the ability of all the team to enable them to ‘star’ today. The team including their stars will be led by a focused captain and manager. But rather like business it’s the strategy, the planning and leading the team to achieve your goals.

That’s why I enjoy business coaching. Helping business owners and senior managers create their business strategy, their plan, and lead their team to achieve their goals.  It’s what makes our level 7 strategic leadership programme and business coaching package a success.

Oh and before I end. Come on England!

Gill Bailey

Author, Presenter, Business & Leadership Coach

Hot Summer 18 Level 7 Strategic Leadership Course

Grow your strategic leadership skills and your business faster 

Get our Hot Summer 18 Level 7 Strategic Leadership Acceleration Course offer.

It’s summer, it’s hot, and a good time to create you a hot offer to join our Strategic Leadership Acceleration course.  A course to learn about strategy and attain a level 7 award whilst you work and manage your business. This management and leadership course is a faster programme and we are offering an amazing summer saving.

The Course:

The Strategic Leadership Acceleration Programme has been developed for the ilm level 7 NVQ Diploma Strategic Management & Leadership , a postgraduate management course. A course which is delivered by Gill Bailey, our expert Coach and Assessor, online for an ilm centre with Direct Claims. The Strategic Leadership Acceleration programme is designed to grow business profits, shape the culture, develop the recruitment and retention, the quality and improvement and marketing. With easy training resources and regular coaching to learn strategic tools faster.

Our successful level 7 candidates tell us about their increased confidence, and ability to deliver strategic plans to their directors and colleagues. And their career advancement to senior strategic leaders with their business success.  It you don’t believe us, you can ask them or get a case study!

With Gill Bailey, our experienced business and leadership coach, you learn to create and execute a strategic business plan for your area of responsibility.  Together we match your goals for your business and personal development to the optional units of this award.

As an established manager or aspiring strategic leader you will:

  • meet the award criteria from work planned and delivered in your workplace.
  • be in a job role to enable you to work strategically.
  • work online with your coach
  • access easy to follow tried and tested plans and analysis tools to develop strategies for your workplace.
  • meet your coach for 2 x month online coaching sessions, recorded for you to review, and
  • meet your coach monthly for an Ask the Expert call for your one to one support
  • work in your business to complete this course in 6 months


We do not require you to write assignments or hold a previous management qualification. We just need you to commit to attend regular coaching sessions, to follow our guidance and support, and to deliver your planned work. In return, we will help you manage your development time, your challenges and provide easy access to tried and tested learning resources. With all the coaching sessions pre-scheduled and recorded to follow up on the learning at any time.

What is the Cost

The cost includes an amazing hot summer saving of £1,000 on our popular 1:1 coached level 7 programme.  For the Strategic Leadership Acceleration course you will pay

JUST £1,995 OR the option of 4 X MONTHLY PAYMENTS. 

Which you can pay by direct debit, credit card and Paypal payments

(See our terms of payment)

And so what do you need to do to get more information on this Hot Summer 18 course offer….

For course details on this level 7 strategic leadership acceleration course to deliver strategies in your business from August 18 contact us


Are you ready for the new KLOES and GDPR

Care providers – are you meeting the KLOES for quality data management?

Have you also considered the link to GDPR?

Last week whilst coaching a senior care manager in adult care provision we spent time discussing data management in care. This was part of this manager’s development as a company lead for Well-Led KLOES  This would be part of a the company’s strategic plan in the manager’s LinQs level 7 course  The discussion came from the review of the Well-Led KLOES using our gap analysis tool.

New CQC KLOES for quality data management

The manager felt that a vast amount of paper information was held across their care business. Information that according to the new Care Quality Commission Key Lines of Enquiry needs to be safe and accessible. The manager understood confidential data in paper form in this company is filed and stored in lockable filing cabinets. But highlighted the many cabinets across this multi-site care business and a possible lack of consistency in the filing.


We agreed this element of the KLOES has a link to the new legal requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation know as GDPR to address. The GDPR comes into force for all businesses in May 2018. So this identified 2 different areas of legislation to adhere to. As an operational manager this person understood that the actions for GDPR would be a company directive. However the KLOES element in the strategy meant GDPR now linked to this Strategic Plan for the KLOES. So it was listed as an urgent action by this senior manager to be brought to their line managers attention.

Costs of Document Management

We looked at the research in the manager’s LinQs e-portfolio available on the costs of document management. Research to build a case and a proposal to the company managers. We also discussed contacts that could present solutions with the data management processes. All professionals will give information on the benefits of their service or products.  This can form free advice when there’s a problem to solve. If you’ve done your own analysis first then the professional expert information should fill the missing gaps in your knowledge. Then you can present SMART objectives in your strategic plan. And as this manager is going to develop a strategy for document management for the company.  That’s another unit in LinQs level 7 course.

It’s always interesting how you start with one objective and then learn there are more implications from that analysis. So it’s important to prioritise the actions to either be dealt with urgently or to be analysed in more detail at a future date. But that’s the skill to strategic planning.

So if you’re managing strategy in your care provision I hope that this has helped you realise there’s more to the new KLOES than meets the eye.  And also served as a reminder that your business compliance with GDPR is linked and only a few weeks away. If you’d like help with your strategy you can get a FREE Discovery Call from an experienced coach.

Making integrity an essential leadership skill for care managers

Last week whilst coaching a senior manager in a care organisation we had quite a long debate on the characteristic of integrity in leaders.  We questioned the importance of integrity as a leadership skill in care managers?

Meeting the KLOES ‘well-led’

The senior care manager is on our level 7 Strategic Leadership programme.  The manager was working on the action plan for the organisation’s Strategic Plan to deliver Well-Led KLOES in the organisation,  The manager had already analysed the company’s CQC reports on ‘Well-Led’.  So to develop the actions we discussed the findings and the new CQC KLOES, prompt and characteristics.  The line of enquiry including integrity was:

Code W1.1  Do leaders have the skills, knowledge, experience and integrity that they need – both when they are appointed and on an ongoing basis?

The skills, knowledge and experience were easier to list.  But we discussed what integrity meant and represented in managers, concluding that was

“the quality of being honest and strong moral principles” and

“that integrity needs to be communicated consistently”

Can integrity be taught?

Our discussion raised the question of whether integrity can be taught to new and existing care managers?

As ‘integrity’ is a behaviour based trait, we agreed that it can be taught.  So went on to discuss examples of good practice in existing care managers and how that could be integrated into their management development.

The senior manager had some innovative ideas on training current and assessing future managers.  The action plan includes actions for their company’s management recruitment and performance management processes.  These processes will include the important assessment and development of their manager’s integrity.

Analyse the information for your strategy

The analysis of the relevant information is an important part of developing a strategy but often neglected. The process I described included coaching and questioning.

I wrote this article because I hope this helps more care managers see the importance of taking an analytical approach to meet the CQC KLOES.  We need to see more than a low percentage of care providers in the outstanding ratings.

If you need a call to understand this approach better just book a FREE call here

News update of business growth funding in Lancashire

We’ve been informed of a new phase of Lancashire funding for business growth support for local, mainly business to business customer focused, small to medium sized businesses.

This is £5,000 of ERDF funding which will end next year. So you can be looking to develop your strategy, improvement processes, HR, competitive advantage, leadership, marketing and sales, new products or resource effectiveness with the support of professional consultancy.

The Funding

Phase 1 is FREE and delivered by the Funder to provide £2,000 worth of business analysis.

Phase 2 enables the business to access up to of 50% funding for a consultancy business growth project to the value of £6,000.

Funding for Strategic planning, Leadership and Marketing

LinQs have been working with funded business growth projects since we established our consultancy in 2001.  We pride ourselves in working with the latest easy to use resources to plan and enable SME business owners and their managers to execute profit making strategies.  Our expertise is in small to medium sized business development developing business owners and their leadership teams to undertake strategic planning, leadership, marketing, project planning and map their processes and quality systems to establish priorities in resource management.

Funding For Senior Leadership Development

LinQs coach senior managers, one to one, to an accredited postgraduate development standard covering over 18 management areas. This latest funding ceiling enables the business to have up to 2 senior managers coached at 50% of our cost. The senior managers on our programme execute a strategic business plan for their area of responsibility, reflecting competence matched to an international management development standard. This has proven an asset to the business leadership team, the CV, and business profiles when tendering for new contracts.

Access the funding

This ERDF Lancashire funding is subject to the organisation and agreed programme meeting the eligibility criteria of the funding terms. So we work closely with the funders management team and the business.  It’s also important that businesses move quickly to deliver their project using this ERDF funding which will end next year.

If you are interested in growing your business just contact us for a free chat and we can look at prospective business projects with you. With our long experience in business growth development, we will be able to guide you on the benefits to your business. 

Gill Bailey

Business Coach and Mentor

Author of ‘How to Build the Passion & the Profit For Your Business’

Get Strategic Leadership for Outstanding KLOES by 2018

Do you want to get Strategic Leadership for Outstanding KLOES by 2018?

Such was the high attendance at a recent webinar I delivered, ‘Get ready for the KLOES‘, it was apparent that this was a burning issue for leading healthcare and social care providers.

As I needed to do more. I got together with Dr Yvonne Statham of CDA, Changing Directions Associates, and we worked on a plan to ensure we could meet this high demand for a one stop solution for delivering outstanding KLOEs. So here it is:

LinQs has teamed up with CDA to bring you:
‘Strategic Leadership for Outstanding KLOES’
Coached by us.
Delivered by you!

What’s new?

Within care organisations, CDA has already developed the role of Champion Leads to meet the outgoing CQC KLOES framework. LinQs has established the level 7 Strategic Leadership as a work based qualification for aspiring care managers, and is currently working with senior care managers to design and execute their strategic business plan to lead the new KLOES.

This combined strategic development initiative will create Champion Leads for the KLOES. Led by senior managers competent in strategic leadership and planning to lead outstanding KLOES.

We understand it’s a commitment from busy care providers. So if you are still reading, this is an outline of our unique offer.

For the Leadership CPD & Strategic Plan:

LinQs provide 1-2-1 coaching for individual Champion Leads in the KLOES in the postgraduate Strategic Leadership competencies. The Champion Leads create and execute a Strategic Business Plan for their organisation and area of responsibility. The strategies delivered by the lead are assessed to level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership.

For Outstanding KLOES from Safe to Well-Led:

CDA provide analysis and make recommendations to transition change. CDA Coach the Champion Leads to meet all the CQC KLOES to outstanding standards.

In addition, this is an opportunity to benefit from the Associates of LinQs and CDA for care workforce, supplies & service development specialists. We know that specialist business suppliers can result in major cost savings and improved efficiencies to help cash strapped organisations.

What the business coaches bring:
LinQs Business Support & Training has 25 years in care sector development in Strategic Leadership & planning for change to increase business growth and profit. LinQs have not only led leadership initiatives but have written transformation programmes for health and social care.

CDA , Change Directions Associates, is led by an experienced CQC inspector and health psychologist, and are experts in driving quality CQC compliance and major care business turnaround. CDA have formed unique partnerships across individual care providers and commissioners to deliver continued care and avoid service closure.

What you deliver:

Your Champion Leads will implement and lead their work based strategy to the accredited postgraduate leadership competence and outstanding KLOES in 2018.

This programme requires committed care providers and their Champion Leads to deliver the required standards in up to 12 months from registration. It’s an opportunity to establish a 5-strong Champion Lead Team for outstanding KLOEs across multi-site care operations.

Too many care providers tell us that only a small percent achieve outstanding ratings. We feel it’s a fact and mindset that needs to be changed. So we want to help you establish the ultimate 21st century quality care sector and business growth?

Interested, let’s chat soon, as we are aiming to work with 3 leading care providers in 2017. Book a free call contact

Gill Bailey, Author, Presenter, Coach, Consultant & Mentor

Will you be ready for the new KLOEs?


With the new CQC KLOEs inspection framework currently timetabled to start from November 2017 for across the services they audit. Will your care organisation have checked these out and be ready with a strategy to meet your inspection?

The new KLOEs, that is the Key Lines of Enquiries, published by CQC last month, include a timetable for applying the new framework to the sectors audited by them. The CQC have clearly identified the large number of changes for the new 5 KLOEs. The new KLOEs form part of the current consultation process on improving quality standards for the care and NHS services the CQC audit.

Are you ready to create a strategy for the new KLOEs?

To create a strategy you need to identify the future vision and intent of an organisation for change or to solve a problem.  The change factor in this instance is the new KLOEs.  There are 5 key areas and as a leadership in care specialist the ‘well-led’ criteria attracts us to one area, that is the need to lead the strategic plan.

Although the ‘well-led’ criteria is not new, the reference to strategic planning is a key part of that standard. Your managers recently trained to level 5 or degree level in care leadership may have some strategic planning skills. But that level of training has not always included an understanding of strategic planning and your established managers could now be challenged.

Also its important to note that if there are 5 areas with key changes who will lead on all these new criteria. Will it be a leadership team or an appointed lead on each one or all the strategies?

Leadership development for strategic planning

With senior care management development for strategic planning skills now higher on the list of an organisation’s priorities here’s a few current leadership development opportunities:

Firstly, check out the regional funding available for business growth development in your area.  Also look at one to one coaching available from a leadership and business coach to gain strategic planning skills very quickly and limit your manager’s off the job time. See our blog on executing a Strategic Plan.

For an introduction to planning your strategy for the new KLOEs register to attend a free webinar on 30 August 2017 hosted by AJ Recruitment and turro Ltd. Gill Bailey of LinQs will be on the webinar sharing information on developing a business strategy for the new KLOEs.


Executing a strategic business plan in your workplace can give you that work satisfaction factor

Last week I was coaching a senior manager in executing their strategic business plan for our level 7 Strategic Leadership Diploma programme. What struck me was how pleased they were to have quickly met a high level of competency in strategic planning from the quality of their work-based evidence. It was, of course, the results of their hard work over the last few months.  But importantly it was evidence of a strategy created in and for their own organisation from working effectively.

7 key areas to consider in executing a strategic business plan

So to help those of you hard at work on your strategic business planning process here are 7 key areas we discussed to consider when executing your strategic plan.

  1. Have you taken account of your organisation’s structure to both identify key personnel and ensure they will be accountable for their areas of responsibility in the plan?
  2. How will you delegate the responsibilities to deliver the plan?
  3. Are your familiar with the practice of change management and what elements will you use to deliver the strategy?
  4. Which processes currently used in the business are to be changed to deliver the plan and what will that involve?
  5. What project management techniques do you need to use to monitor the execution of the plan?
  6. How will you prioritise the allocation of the resources required to deliver the plan?
  7. What tools will you use in managing the performance and the success of the plan?

A well-presented strategic business plan and key management practices and tools

A major factor in all of this is a well-presented strategic business plan. A plan that has gone through the riggers of consultation to gain the support of your organisation’s key stakeholders. A strategy which incorporates recognised management practices and tools. Our client was able to grow their expertise with coaching sessions, build on their own prior learning and experience. They also accessed easy to use resources including the template for their strategic business plan.

Execute your strategic business plan and get the work satisfaction factor

I hope this has helped you to confirm your readiness to execute your strategic business plan and I wish you every success. I also hope you experience that work satisfaction factor!

For further help to execute your strategy just fill in our contact form and we will send you our free tips to strategic planning.

Gill Bailey, Director of LinQs Business Support and Training, lead coach on LinQs 1:1 online coaching programme for the ilm level 7 NVQ Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management

Introduction to Strategic Leadership – 26 January 2017