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What makes LinQs leadership and business development so much more effective than others in the small business and private health and social care sector?

LinQs remains at the forefront of delivering current and tried and tested solutions to improve leadership and business skills to manage change and help achieve business goals. We understand that small businesses have limited money and time for training.

LinQs do ‘Turn managers into leaders’ in the UK Service and Care Sector helping those businesses to become more profitable and focus on delivering the standards of care their clients should receive.

Our clients access bespoke training and ilm levels 5 & 7 in leadership and management for senior managers in the health, care, housing, voluntary sector, and service sectors for regional partnerships and leading government service frameworks. LinQs specialise in blended learning to offer professional flexible online , group and one to one leadership and business development. LinQs Leadership training was featured by Skills for Care North West in ‘Good Practice’ newsletter 2009.

LinQs Director, Gill Bailey, leads our training team, writes about success and coaches’ for business growth and mentors business start-ups. Gill’s expertise comes from 17 years coaching business owners and leadership teams on bespoke regional change projects.  To read more about this background and award winning achievements 

Further detailed information on our courses can be found in leadership coursescoaching and marketing suite or if you would like to talk about a bespoke development programme please contact us