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What is Blended Learning

Blended learning is a combination of different training delivery methods in order to achieve the optimum training solution.  LinQs understand that employers and learners need easy to follow, time managed and cost effective training programmes.  Learners need visual, interactive and verbal stimulation to encourage learning with assessment to reflect learning achievements.  A valuable resource for employers looking for quality and flexible training programmes. Courses that can easily develop their staff and organisations in their goals for growth and success.

Our range of Blended Learning courses

LinQs support continuing professional leadership and business development with a range of blended learning options.  Our modern blended learning resources include online development coaching and our e-portfolio for leadership and coaching courses, thereby offering a more effective and flexible training solution.

LinQs continually update their offering.  We partner with specialist training and skills development providers to offer tried and tested learning resources and training to support individual learning needs.  We also create bespoke development programmes for transition and change to meet future business challenges.

Access Online Business, Leadership and Marketing Skills today

You don’t have to wait long to join LinQs business, leadership and marketing skills programmes.  All our courses are available to join following registration.

For senior managers our strategic leadership level 7 programme and coaching course are available here.

For business owners our Marketing Suite of online coaching and learning resources to generate leads to increase business profits is available to commence today at LinQs Business Coaching

Don’t get left behind in today’s business world

Our coaches work with individuals and groups of learners online, in their work or home base, to develop leadership, coaching and business growth skills.  LinQs access the latest technology to meet with their clients and learners online and support them to use this technology.
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