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Executing a strategic business plan in your workplace can give you that work satisfaction factor

Last week I was coaching a senior manager in executing their strategic business plan for our level 7 Strategic Leadership Diploma programme. What struck me was how pleased they were to have quickly met a high level of competency in strategic planning from the quality of their work-based evidence. It was, of course, the results of their hard work over the last few months.  But importantly it was evidence of a strategy created in and for their own organisation from working effectively.

7 key areas to consider in executing a strategic business plan

So to help those of you hard at work on your strategic business planning process here are 7 key areas we discussed to consider when executing your strategic plan.

  1. Have you taken account of your organisation’s structure to both identify key personnel and ensure they will be accountable for their areas of responsibility in the plan?
  2. How will you delegate the responsibilities to deliver the plan?
  3. Are your familiar with the practice of change management and what elements will you use to deliver the strategy?
  4. Which processes currently used in the business are to be changed to deliver the plan and what will that involve?
  5. What project management techniques do you need to use to monitor the execution of the plan?
  6. How will you prioritise the allocation of the resources required to deliver the plan?
  7. What tools will you use in managing the performance and the success of the plan?

A well-presented strategic business plan and key management practices and tools

A major factor in all of this is a well-presented strategic business plan. A plan that has gone through the riggers of consultation to gain the support of your organisation’s key stakeholders. A strategy which incorporates recognised management practices and tools. Our client was able to grow their expertise with coaching sessions, build on their own prior learning and experience. They also accessed easy to use resources including the template for their strategic business plan.

Execute your strategic business plan and get the work satisfaction factor

I hope this has helped you to confirm your readiness to execute your strategic business plan and I wish you every success. I also hope you experience that work satisfaction factor!

For further help to execute your strategy just fill in our contact form and we will send you our free tips to strategic planning.

Gill Bailey, Director of LinQs Business Support and Training, lead coach on LinQs 1:1 online coaching programme for the ilm level 7 NVQ Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management