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Franchisees take time to build your business

Franchisee – How are you feeling?

I’m asking that question Franchisee because I doubt that you truly feel able to express your personal feelings about your business now that you are in your Franchise business model.

From the day your investment in your Franchise started to roll out to now. You will no doubt have been caught up in the vision and felt supported and part of a wonderful brand. However, if you are new to business this will have been a big step. A step you will have researched, financed and convinced everyone is a great opportunity.

But now you’re in this Franchise business world, a ‘merry go round’ of activity surrounded by confident people. How do feel?

Do you feel:

  1. Overwhelmed by all the confident people and processes?
  2. Lacking in personal confidence of getting clients to deliver the brand?
  3. Unable to fit your personal skills into this business model?

Franchisee you are not alone

You are not alone in these feelings of self-doubt. Everyone who goes into business or aspires to lead has moments of self-doubt. I know because in 17 years I’ve worked with many business owners including Franchisees. In fact, I’m a regular coach with a Franchisor to provide that unbiased external expert strategic business planning and leadership support with their Franchisees.

Franchisee your Problem

The problem is when you join a pre-determined process where everyone around you is ‘calling the shots’, knows the business model inside out, even in a supportive way it’s often overwhelming. So you may feel that

  • you need to take control of your development so you understand business more clearly.
  • you want to add your own personality and skills to this business.
  • you need to talk to someone privately with business growth experience outside your Franchise.

If this is you, and you’d like to talk to an expert in Business Growth, already coaching Franchisees, to get a view on your development, then just book a FREE Discovery Call.

Our FREE Discovery Call

It’s exactly that, a FREE Discovery Call with, Gill Bailey, an expert Business Growth Coach, to discuss your challenges and offer tried and tested tips to move forward. A call to make your action plan totally FREE.

Why FREE, because Gill is passionate about making business grow and uses experience to write about business success strategies. Another passion and sharing opportunity in the LinQs business. Gill only coaches business owners committed to faster business growth and so only when you want to commit to work with us are our terms for your service discussed.

So if you’d like a few FREE tried and tested tips on growing your business just book in here

Let’s talk soon – Gill