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Free Place Webinars – ‘Intro to Strategic Leadership’

Strategic Leadership Webinar
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Continuing our series of free place webinars further dates have been added. The webinars are for the business owner or manager with a strategic plan to create in their business. Not only do you get this informative session where we share key tips on strategic planning and leadership. But you will take away a free guide to strategic planning and a leadership analysis.

Strategic planning is where we always start to work with managers and business owners so that they have a plan to work to. You know what they say, “if you don’t have a plan, how do you know where you are going”. So we aim to help managers have that plan. Plus we are giving away a free analysis to check your own strategic leadership skills. Then managers can see what needs to be developed for CPD, Continuing Professional Development. The professional development areas in Strategic Leadership.

Gill Bailey of LinQs will be your host. Gill has delivered strategic planning and strategic leadership programmes to our clients since she founded LinQs in 2001. Gill also includes the strategies described in her book “How to Build the Passion and the Profit For Your Business”. Because Gill enjoys sharing the tried and tested strategies that make business and managers grow. Gill Bailey has gained a reputation for ‘turning managers into leaders’ and ‘making businesses grow faster’

If you want to plan for your business strategy and your future this is the webinar for you. What is more, it’s free to attend too! You just need to register your free place on one of the dates at midday or end of the working day, that is lunch and learn or teatime CPD. So join us and Register here