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Leadership in care projects

Drawing on LinQs’ continuing association with the health and social care sector, our leadership in care projects include writing learning modules and delivering workshops. The projects are  specifically designed to deliver sector outcomes for the latest health and social care transformation and change plans. We build the skills of managers of care provision to think and manage strategically and lead changes for their local and regional future community care needs..

We work with regional social care employer training providers to offer up-to-date and relevant training via our ‘blended learning’ approach. This includes selected professional workbooks, e-learning, interactive tutor-led workshops, telephone and online one-to-one support, matched to candidates’ individual learning objectives.

LinQs’ online learning platforms enable full UK coverage of easy access learning resources. This makes it even easier to access courses in Leadership and Business development in 12 month programmes or short management courses. Follow our Course Areas section to learn more about our accredited programmes.

If you have a business development, leadership team or leadership project and aim for it to make a difference to the future of care please contact us to discuss