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LinQs has a long association with the Residential and Nursing Care sector.

LinQs background

In 1992 LinQs owner, Gill Bailey established links with the local authorities and residential and nursing care sector leaders through her work in the care sector when Gill established her own care business. Then in 2001 when LinQs was established our management and leadership training was rolled out via local authority workforce development projects going on to gain LinQs recognition for meeting leadership development objectives in the NW Skills For Care.  Gill also formed close ties with the sector through her regional strategic development work for the care sector.

Throughout the introduction of LinQs, we have worked with local authorities to deliver management development projects.  The most recent of these was during 2015 to 2016, when Gill wrote the learning resources and delivered a 5 module rolling programme for private sector managers to develop strategic leadership for the Doncaster Transformation of Health & Social Care.

Working with today’s Business Owners and Care Managers

Business owners and care managers in Residential and Nursing Care are ongoing clients of LinQs for coaching in business growth and leadership and individual development for strategic leadership and performance management on our ilm level 7 NVQ Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership.   A postgraduate Course which is particularly attractive to nurses and social workers who are already professionally trained at degree level.

If you are interested in residential and nursing care leadership, marketing or business growth support for your project or management do contact us to learn about how we can support your development needs.