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Stand out as a Strategic Leader

As a senior manager it’s often difficult to reflect important strategic leadership skills. Those skills that reflect the strategic management and business planning that brings about success. That enable businesses to overcome challenges and grow profitably.  The skills that gain the respect of teams, directors and external colleagues. To be a stand out leader.

From coaching at this level of management we understand how much effort goes into developing these management and leadership skills.  But often time is spent on following lengthy and unresearched plans.  And not everyone who operates and has to follow those business plans understands the best practice to achieve their goals. That’s why it’s been important to us to establish the best practice to deliver a format of learning that helps everyone create and execute strategic plans.

Our Strategic Leadership Acceleration course. A course to learn about strategy and attain a level 7 award whilst you work and manage your business. This management and leadership course is a faster focused programme. A programme taking the occupational accredited level 7 standards and making it easier to follow.  But it’s only for the busy manager committed to learn and apply our methods in their business during the 6-months on the programme. Then apply as an accredited strategic manager and leader.

The Course:

The Strategic Leadership Acceleration Programme has been developed for the ilm level 7 NVQ Diploma Strategic Management & Leadership , a postgraduate management course. A course which is delivered by Gill Bailey, our expert Coach and Assessor, online for an ilm centre. The Strategic Leadership Acceleration programme is designed to grow business profits, shape the culture, develop the recruitment and retention, the quality and improvement and marketing. With easy training resources and regular coaching to learn strategic tools faster.

Our successful level 7 candidates tell us about their increased confidence, and ability to deliver strategic plans to their directors and colleagues. And their career advancement to senior strategic leaders with their business success. It you don’t believe us, you can ask them or get a case study!

With Gill Bailey, our experienced business and leadership coach, you learn to create and execute a strategic business plan for your area of responsibility. Together we match your goals for your business and personal development to the optional units of this award.

As an established manager or aspiring strategic leader you will:

  • meet the award criteria from work planned and delivered in your workplace.
  • be in a job role to enable you to work strategically.
  • work online with your coach to create 3 strategies for 9 units
  • access easy to follow tried and tested plans and analysis tools to develop strategies for your workplace.
  • meet your coach for 2 x month online coaching sessions, recorded for you to review, and
  • meet your coach monthly for an Ask the Expert call for your one to one support
  • get assessment by reflecting in a short digital recorded professional discussions
  • work in your business to complete this course in 6 months

We do not require you to write assignments or hold a previous management qualification. We just need you to commit to attend regular coaching sessions, to follow our guidance and support, and to deliver your planned work. In return, we will help you manage your development time, your challenges and provide easy access to tried and tested learning resources. With all the coaching sessions pre-scheduled and recorded to follow up on the learning at any time.

What is the Cost

The cost includes full registration to ILM and your e-portfolio of tried and tested theory, analysis tools and strategic planning templates, plus  your coaching videos and 1:1 sessions.  For the Strategic Leadership Acceleration course you will pay

JUST £2,295 OR the option of 4 X MONTHLY PAYMENTS of £580 . 

Which you can pay by direct debit, credit card and Paypal payment

(See our terms of payment)

And so what do you need to do to get more information on this course offer….

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