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Building Management Skills in Bolton Social Care provision

Project Title

Building Management Skills Workshop Programme


Social Care


February to November 2009


Bolton Health & Social Care Alliance identified with the independent care sector membership a need for specific management skills to support their continuing professional development in Health & Social Care business management.


A programme of 10 monthly workshops for the membership of the Bolton HSCA was designed, marketed to the membership and managed by LinQs. The monthly 3 hour interactive workshops were delivered by LinQs specialist trainers in management & workforce development, contract tendering & care standards inspection.


12 Managers in the independent health & social care sector in Bolton gained professional development, certificated by the Alliance & LinQs. The managers from the social care provision reported that they found great value in the open and interactive learning.  They also benefited from applying the information and skills to meet the growing demand for business management skills in their changing social care businesses.