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Hot Summer 18 Level 7 Strategic Leadership Course

Grow your strategic leadership skills and your business faster 

Get our Hot Summer 18 Level 7 Strategic Leadership Acceleration Course offer.

It’s summer, it’s hot, and a good time to create you a hot offer to join our Strategic Leadership Acceleration course.  A course to learn about strategy and attain a level 7 award whilst you work and manage your business. This management and leadership course is a faster programme and we are offering an amazing summer saving.

The Course:

The Strategic Leadership Acceleration Programme has been developed for the ilm level 7 NVQ Diploma Strategic Management & Leadership , a postgraduate management course. A course which is delivered by Gill Bailey, our expert Coach and Assessor, online for an ilm centre with Direct Claims. The Strategic Leadership Acceleration programme is designed to grow business profits, shape the culture, develop the recruitment and retention, the quality and improvement and marketing. With easy training resources and regular coaching to learn strategic tools faster.

Our successful level 7 candidates tell us about their increased confidence, and ability to deliver strategic plans to their directors and colleagues. And their career advancement to senior strategic leaders with their business success.  It you don’t believe us, you can ask them or get a case study!

With Gill Bailey, our experienced business and leadership coach, you learn to create and execute a strategic business plan for your area of responsibility.  Together we match your goals for your business and personal development to the optional units of this award.

As an established manager or aspiring strategic leader you will:

  • meet the award criteria from work planned and delivered in your workplace.
  • be in a job role to enable you to work strategically.
  • work online with your coach
  • access easy to follow tried and tested plans and analysis tools to develop strategies for your workplace.
  • meet your coach for 2 x month online coaching sessions, recorded for you to review, and
  • meet your coach monthly for an Ask the Expert call for your one to one support
  • work in your business to complete this course in 6 months


We do not require you to write assignments or hold a previous management qualification. We just need you to commit to attend regular coaching sessions, to follow our guidance and support, and to deliver your planned work. In return, we will help you manage your development time, your challenges and provide easy access to tried and tested learning resources. With all the coaching sessions pre-scheduled and recorded to follow up on the learning at any time.

What is the Cost

The cost includes an amazing hot summer saving of £1,000 on our popular 1:1 coached level 7 programme.  For the Strategic Leadership Acceleration course you will pay

JUST £1,995 OR the option of 4 X MONTHLY PAYMENTS. 

Which you can pay by direct debit, credit card and Paypal payments

(See our terms of payment)

And so what do you need to do to get more information on this Hot Summer 18 course offer….

For course details on this level 7 strategic leadership acceleration course to deliver strategies in your business from August 18 contact us


Special Offer to put a March on your business and leadership growth

Is it time to grow your business and your leadership team?

Is it that time of year to put a ‘March’ on your business growth?  Do you need to review and make changes in your business but also need managers skilled to lead and take those plans forward.  Leaders who can create and execute the strategic plans to give the business a new future.

Here at LinQs we coach business owners and managers to grow their business.  As our leadership development training is also work based our level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership programme sits very nicely alongside the business growth coaching.  Because this programme includes one to one skills coaching and the assessment process to measure the manager’s competency in developing and executing the strategic business plan.  As we match the key objectives of the strategic business plan to the optional units of the award we therefore coach the manager to understand and deliver new skills areas. So if the plan requires for example the need to shape the culture, manage governance areas and a marketing strategy we coach the manager one to one to deliver those strategies. The advantage to both the business and the manager is that whilst the manager is working in the business they are working on the business and to attain a postgraduate qualification.  A qualification to add confidence and strength to your leadership team.

Here’s our March 2018 offer.

  1. Get your 1st month’s coaching free on our level 7 Strategic Leadership 121 online course, plus
  2. A free 121 growth session for another manager, plus
  3. A free copy of our profit strategy business book

Total value of the offer is £500+ which is only available for the 1st 10 registrations by 21 March 18

So how does the March offer work?

LinQs level 7 Strategic Leadership programme is all coached one to one online over 10 monthly sessions, with easy access to your learning plans, strategic analysis and plans templates. In March 2018 you would pay a one off registration fee including full assessment costs of £995, then pay £190 per month coaching session from your 2nd session.  This special offer gives you 10 sessions for the price of 9 sessions, so £190 free. Plus the one to one online coaching session for either a director or manager, valued at £297, and a copy of “How to Build the Passion and the Profits For Your Business” that retails at £14.99. Giving a special total value of £501.99.

Why are we doing this.  Well we’ve accessed commercial funding to finance leadership development. The timing is perfect as we want to make sure that after the Easter period we have a group of committed senior managers ready to grow their business.  What’s more that if managers register now and as previous candidates have achieved in 9 months, they could still be qualified in 2018, but certainly no later than March 2019.

LinQs want to help you by #makingbusinessgrow   Book a call or email to get more information 

How business leaders can ‘get motivated and be inspired’

How business leaders can ‘get motivated and be inspired’

Working with one of my clients last week he told me that from my leadership workshops he gets ‘motivated and inspired’ to develop his business and his leadership skills.  This is valuable and recurring feedback from my delegates. Therefore let me share with you how I achieve this delivery goal in my leadership workshops for 5 key leadership development areas?

1.       Personal Development Plan

All my workshops are interactive and start with individual introductions.  I facilitate the discussion on individual skills and interests and constantly match this to their personal development during the workshop.  Together we identify personal goals, organisational goals and the demands of the current job role.   I facilitate the learning and add valuable and relevant business and leadership experience to our discussions for the benefit of individual understanding.  The workshop interaction and the personal development tools I provide enable personal development planning within their own life and workplace.  I sow the seed, provide the tools and add weight to the priorities.  My delegates take away action points for their personal and leadership development.

2.       Organisational Vision and Goals

The workshop groups are made up of established and aspiring managers and leaders of small and large organisations.  Therefore an understanding of organisational vision and goals and how they are arrived at is important to their leadership development.  The group discuss how an organisation promotes its vision for their business sector, their ethics and the values they promote.  It is interesting how often vision statements and company goals are taken as read or seen as just a promotional image in their business sector.  The leaders refer to the wording of their own organisation’s vision and goals; mobile phones are switched on to check their organisation’s website information.  By discussion of how vision and goals are supported and encouraged within their organisation and leadership responsibilities we reflect on opportunities for improvement.  Referring to examples of large well known organisations helps delegates to understand how effectively visions and goals are delivered and we compare these to their own.  Small Business leaders often go away, rethink and rewrite new visions and goals.  Other leaders gain comfort that their own organisation’s vision and goals are easy to follow and uphold but they must review their leadership development to deliver them.

3.       Business Planning

Whether they are leaders of small businesses or have a management area of responsibility in large organisations, the skill of business planning is a valuable tool.  Our group discussion focuses on the format of a business plan and how it is supported by organisational policy and procedure and promoted to employees.  Again individual personal reflection and my own experience stimulate the group discussion.  Reference to the old adage ‘if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know that you have got there?’ promotes the importance of this planning tool. This topic leads us into managing operations and setting SMART objectives,  productivity, managing quality, their sector standards and the challenges the leaders encounter.  An action point will be two fold: To review or create the business plan for their area of responsibility and their leadership of the planning and delivery.  I provide the tools and the information but advise that they check their organisation’s established business planning tools and support their own organisational values and goals.

4.       Productive working relationships

With the business plan in place, discussion on the systems to support those including policies and procedures, we focus on the working relationships which are developed to achieve the business goals and objectives.  The group discusses the important interaction with their internal and external work colleagues.  We build on the good practice in communications and techniques for managing conflict and their day to day application.  The opportunity for group activities, as used throughout the workshops, and individual questions and answers promote the importance of the development of these relationships.  The value and importance of working relationships, expressed as a marketing tool for ‘word of mouth’ publicity on the good communications practice experienced from their organisation, often becomes a new objective for the leaders.

5.       Continuous improvement

An organisation should have a system for continuous improvement to develop and progress the business.  Our group discussion focuses on sector and organisational challenges, areas for improvement and sector priorities.  With reference to good practice techniques and tools, relevant case studies, we discuss the benefits which have and could be achieved through planned continuous improvement objectives.  An action plan discussed by the group for their leadership and business development promotes a realistic approach on what objectives individuals can take forward from the session.

As part of my company’s own continuous improvement, LinQs are providing free and easy access to further leadership group discussion to the growing number of our ‘motivated and inspired’  LinQs Leaders with their exclusive members’ only Facebook page.

Additional Support

LinQs Leaders working towards a leadership award or business development goal receive a tailored programme to match their leadership development.  LinQs provide a blended learning approach of workshops, workbooks, online learning, coaching and support for individual learning styles and personal development.  For further information on you development areas Contact Us

Gill Bailey

How to find registered managers for care services

Registered managers in care don’t grow on trees

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The answer is in the presentation.
The recognised career path in social care in England for a registered manager would include a range of care skills at level 3 followed by the recognised management qualification currently the QCF Level 5 Diploma in Leadership in HSC & CYP.

What is the training for Registered managers?

Skills for Care and the Care Quality Commission recommend workforce development strategies, management induction standards and the recommended skills and training for the Registered Person.

You will find reference to management training to progress to the role of Registered Manager.  There is not enough emphasis placed on the development stages in leadership and management to enable staff to grow in their management roles. Leadership and management development for care staff is usually promoted through projects and funding initiatives.  If planned Leadership training is not provided from senior care or support staff to the appointment as a Registered Manager it is likely they will have little confidence in their leadership ability.

Is a Leadership qualification essential in recruitment of  Registered Managers?

Adverts for Registered Managers very rarely identify the recommended management qualification in their opening job outline.  When scanning job advertisements there is usually reference to either a social work or nursing qualification placing the emphasis on the technical care skills and experience rather than management. That implies that recruitment specialists do not expect to find managers qualified in the leadership of care services.  

Therefore individuals holding a recognised leadership and management award on their CV should be at an advantage in the care sector management jobs market.

Where do you find Leadership training?

LinQs have been working with the care sector for 10 years to develop leadership and management skills and gained recognition from Skills for Care for our work in North West England.  If you are interested in developing leadership skills visit our web pages to view our current leadership training offer and Registered Managers award training.