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Get Strategic Leadership for Outstanding KLOES by 2018

Do you want to get Strategic Leadership for Outstanding KLOES by 2018?

Such was the high attendance at a recent webinar I delivered, ‘Get ready for the KLOES‘, it was apparent that this was a burning issue for leading healthcare and social care providers.

As I needed to do more. I got together with Dr Yvonne Statham of CDA, Changing Directions Associates, and we worked on a plan to ensure we could meet this high demand for a one stop solution for delivering outstanding KLOEs. So here it is:

LinQs has teamed up with CDA to bring you:
‘Strategic Leadership for Outstanding KLOES’
Coached by us.
Delivered by you!

What’s new?

Within care organisations, CDA has already developed the role of Champion Leads to meet the outgoing CQC KLOES framework. LinQs has established the level 7 Strategic Leadership as a work based qualification for aspiring care managers, and is currently working with senior care managers to design and execute their strategic business plan to lead the new KLOES.

This combined strategic development initiative will create Champion Leads for the KLOES. Led by senior managers competent in strategic leadership and planning to lead outstanding KLOES.

We understand it’s a commitment from busy care providers. So if you are still reading, this is an outline of our unique offer.

For the Leadership CPD & Strategic Plan:

LinQs provide 1-2-1 coaching for individual Champion Leads in the KLOES in the postgraduate Strategic Leadership competencies. The Champion Leads create and execute a Strategic Business Plan for their organisation and area of responsibility. The strategies delivered by the lead are assessed to level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership.

For Outstanding KLOES from Safe to Well-Led:

CDA provide analysis and make recommendations to transition change. CDA Coach the Champion Leads to meet all the CQC KLOES to outstanding standards.

In addition, this is an opportunity to benefit from the Associates of LinQs and CDA for care workforce, supplies & service development specialists. We know that specialist business suppliers can result in major cost savings and improved efficiencies to help cash strapped organisations.

What the business coaches bring:
LinQs Business Support & Training has 25 years in care sector development in Strategic Leadership & planning for change to increase business growth and profit. LinQs have not only led leadership initiatives but have written transformation programmes for health and social care.

CDA , Change Directions Associates, is led by an experienced CQC inspector and health psychologist, and are experts in driving quality CQC compliance and major care business turnaround. CDA have formed unique partnerships across individual care providers and commissioners to deliver continued care and avoid service closure.

What you deliver:

Your Champion Leads will implement and lead their work based strategy to the accredited postgraduate leadership competence and outstanding KLOES in 2018.

This programme requires committed care providers and their Champion Leads to deliver the required standards in up to 12 months from registration. It’s an opportunity to establish a 5-strong Champion Lead Team for outstanding KLOEs across multi-site care operations.

Too many care providers tell us that only a small percent achieve outstanding ratings. We feel it’s a fact and mindset that needs to be changed. So we want to help you establish the ultimate 21st century quality care sector and business growth?

Interested, let’s chat soon, as we are aiming to work with 3 leading care providers in 2017. Book a free call contact

Gill Bailey, Author, Presenter, Coach, Consultant & Mentor

Will you be ready for the new KLOEs?


With the new CQC KLOEs inspection framework currently timetabled to start from November 2017 for across the services they audit. Will your care organisation have checked these out and be ready with a strategy to meet your inspection?

The new KLOEs, that is the Key Lines of Enquiries, published by CQC last month, include a timetable for applying the new framework to the sectors audited by them. The CQC have clearly identified the large number of changes for the new 5 KLOEs. The new KLOEs form part of the current consultation process on improving quality standards for the care and NHS services the CQC audit.

Are you ready to create a strategy for the new KLOEs?

To create a strategy you need to identify the future vision and intent of an organisation for change or to solve a problem.  The change factor in this instance is the new KLOEs.  There are 5 key areas and as a leadership in care specialist the ‘well-led’ criteria attracts us to one area, that is the need to lead the strategic plan.

Although the ‘well-led’ criteria is not new, the reference to strategic planning is a key part of that standard. Your managers recently trained to level 5 or degree level in care leadership may have some strategic planning skills. But that level of training has not always included an understanding of strategic planning and your established managers could now be challenged.

Also its important to note that if there are 5 areas with key changes who will lead on all these new criteria. Will it be a leadership team or an appointed lead on each one or all the strategies?

Leadership development for strategic planning

With senior care management development for strategic planning skills now higher on the list of an organisation’s priorities here’s a few current leadership development opportunities:

Firstly, check out the regional funding available for business growth development in your area.  Also look at one to one coaching available from a leadership and business coach to gain strategic planning skills very quickly and limit your manager’s off the job time. See our blog on executing a Strategic Plan.

For an introduction to planning your strategy for the new KLOEs register to attend a free webinar on 30 August 2017 hosted by AJ Recruitment and turro Ltd. Gill Bailey of LinQs will be on the webinar sharing information on developing a business strategy for the new KLOEs.