I’m Gill Bailey, a Leadership Coach to UK business owners & managers since 2001.

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Gill Bailey, Leadership Coach for Business Owners and Managers

How did I become a Leadership Coach with a reputation for turning managers into leaders?

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An easy to follow blueprint for creating effective managers

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Leadership Coaching for Business Owners and Managers

My role as your leadership coach is to help you to create and execute an easy to follow style of leadership for each challenge and success that others will follow.

Below read about working with me, see examples, and then fill out the form to get in touch.


Over xxx leaders developed since 2001

How We Work Together to Create a Leadership Style That Builds Followers

It begins with the tale of the Muddle-Through- Manager, a tricky person who causes so many problems and confusion in their workplace.

You’ve met these kind of managers. They lack consistency, clarity and direction. Within minutes of working with them you’re questioning. What is happening?!

So, if you have one of these managers you probably worry at the idea of anyone trying to follow them. You also probably avoid delegating or you make sure they only lead a highly skilled team. A luxury you can’t really afford. So why aren’t you doing more to change that situation?

It’s not good, is it?

In the ideal world, you’ve got great managers that lead your teams and business to success no matter the challenge

You’ve got professional managers that build their teams, leading them with clear effective strategies they’ve developed to build your business.

At the same time you’ve got people wanting to work for and with you because they’ve heard what an excellent business you have. Your managers create a valuable reputation in external meetings with partners, contractors and clients.

The word is spreading and with new clients, great staff recruitment and retention your profits grow. Your business is being led on the road to success by an effective management team. You can even take time out to enjoy the benefits of your success!

That’s the kind of management you should have!

So, why are so many managers not developed to their potential?

Over the years I’ve worked with and met many business owners and they give me their excuses for not developing their managers. These are

  • Haven’t got the time and finances

  • We can get a funded course

So with pressure on time and finances they go down the funded only training route and often accept it regardless of whether it’s sufficient to the development needs of their managers.

I’ve also worked with funded support for training for many years and so understand that it isn’t right for every manager. It’s there to meet a national learning criteria and not necessarily your unique business criteria. In fact, clients come to me for help to get their training problems resolved on funded courses they’ve undertaken with other providers. But often it means starting again and them having to accept that all the time and managers wages have been wasted with what appeared a low cost option.

So, if you want to develop managers to their potential for your business you’ve got to find a way to:

  1. get the training delivered timely, and
  2. see a return on your investment by
  3. creating training specific to the manager and your business development needs.

My Secret Weapon for Defeating the Leadership Development Mess

Listening is where it starts. LinQs was established in 2001 on my vision of clarifying that is to Listen, inform, network & Quality solutions. So I am going to tell you the key areas we focus on to craft your leadership development including:

  • Listening to you and the manager
    • checking leadership attributes, and
    • existing leadership strengths
    • self evaluation and reflection from the manager
  • Information gathering
    • your market business strengths,
    • and the opportunities for leaders
    • looking at your internal support
  • Networking across the UK
    • sharing available external support – you probably aren’t aware of
    • links to our affiliate programmes
  • Quality solutions
    • well planned programmes supported by:
    • online coached programmes, online and group
    • with flexible start dates and 60 to 90 minute sessions.
    • host of easy to follow tried and tested strategies and planning resources
    • easy payment terms
    • guaranteed results

With this level of LinQs help for your management development, your business leadership as it needs to be, then you can rest assured on working with a well planned cost effective leadership programme.

To get the process going, simply fill out the form below and we can start clarifying and sharing your leadership development journey.

I look forward to it


I Work With Business Owner, Executive and Aspiring Managers

My clients have many years of practical work experience. They’ve often worked their way up the management tree, and some have degrees and some have NVQs and some have pure hard working experience.

The main thing they all have in common is they want to lead a thriving business, and create teams who will follow them.

So they urgently want to find out the steps and make a start in their workplace as soon as they gain approval to work with me on their leadership journey.

But I only work with people who are committed to work on their development and so don’t worry if you are uncertain, as I will be honest about the steps you need to take and they will be when you are ready.

If this sounds like you, then fill out the form below and let’s talk.

Here’s some Muddle-Through Managers work you’ve no doubt come across

  • there isn’t a plan just what’s in their head
  • they shy away from taking responsibility
  • the meetings are all about what they want to say
  • there’s no timely decisions to work to
  • if they carry on upsetting people there’s going to be no staff left
  • I don’t understand what they are telling me
  • we end up just working it out amongst ourselves

I know this Muddle-Through-Manager all too well. I have worked to develop them throughout my career.

So, shall we start talking about your leadership development journey?

How can you avoid the muddle and win the day?

When I work with clients, here are the necessary steps we take to get the leadership journey launched for you……

Step 1. We clarify the journey
We’ll take time to get clear about your leadership and business development needs. Where you are now. Ultimately, what you want success to look like for your leadership and business. This is your journey

Step 2. I make a custom plan
With that journey plan in hand, I’ll outline a proposal for us to work together and get the processs running smoothly and timely. We’ll go over that plan and discuss the fees.

Step 3. We implement your plan


Please take a moment to fill out this Form

I will review your answers within three working days. If I can help, then we will arrange a call to start talking as soon as possible about your leadership.

I look forward to it!


4. How soon do you want to get started?